Orthodontics and Pediatric Dental Specialists

benefits of our office

Convenience: Having both services offered at the same location can save you time and make scheduling appointments more convenient. You can schedule multiple appointments for your children on the same day, which can be especially helpful for families with busy schedules.

Comprehensive care: An office that offers both pediatric dentistry and orthodontics can provide comprehensive care for your child's dental needs. The pediatric dentist can monitor your child's oral health, while the orthodontist can evaluate their bite and recommend braces or other orthodontic treatments if necessary.

Better communication: When the pediatric dentist and orthodontist work in the same office, they can easily communicate with each other about your child's dental needs. This can ensure that your child's dental care is well-coordinated and that any issues are addressed promptly.

Familiarity: Your child can build a relationship with both the pediatric dentist and orthodontist, which can help them feel more comfortable during their appointments. This familiarity can also make it easier for your child to receive dental care, especially if they have any anxiety about going to the dentist.

Early detection and prevention: An office that offers both pediatric dentistry and orthodontics can detect and prevent dental problems early on. For example, the pediatric dentist can identify any issues with your child's teeth and gums, while the orthodontist can evaluate their bite and recommend treatments to prevent future problems.

Overall, having your children's dental care at an office that offers both pediatric dentistry and orthodontic specialties can provide a range of benefits, including convenience, comprehensive care, better communication, familiarity, and early detection and prevention of dental problems.

Education and Specialty Training

Specialist vs general dentist

Orthodontists and Pedodontists are dentists that spend an extra 2-3 years of University training focused exclusively on growing patients' dental needs and moving teeth; guiding and creating beautiful smiles. We receive a specialty certificate and license demonstrating that we are experts at crafting amazing smiles. Family dentists that provide braces and invisalign receive only limited training for a few days at weekend courses. Consequently, their knowledge, experience, and outcomes are limited. Choose an expert for your smile, choose a Specialist.

We specialize in Braces and Invisalign for Children, Teens, and Adults and Comprehensive Dental Services for Children and Teens. We have been proudly serving our Kansas City, Gladstone, Liberty, Parkville, and Platte City families for over 12 years.


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