Well aligned teeth with no rotations or spaces. This one is obvious, but very important. It is also the most basic form of orthodontics. This is what happens first. The following points are the details that really make a good smile, a great smile!


Full incisor display on a completely animated smile. This not so minor detail is often missed by most orthodontists and general dentists don’t ever think about this. A beautiful youthful smile should show a full central incisor. Oftentimes, orthodontists place braces way to close to the edges of the front teeth. In doing so, they push the teeth up and hide them under the upper lip. This mistake results in a flat smile which is not esthetic.


Proper torque of the anterior teeth. The teeth should not angle out (flaring) nor should they angle in (retruded or tipped back towards the back of the mouth.) This will ensure good lip support as a patient ages. It will also make smile beautiful from not only the front view but the side and quarter views also.


Wide/Broad arches that fill the corners of the mouth. By making the smile wider, it will also make it appear brighter and whiter. This width gives you that big beautiful bright smile that everybody loves to see and share.


Smile arc that follows the contour of the lower lip. In a truly beautiful smile, the lips smile and the teeth smile tooth.  This smile curve or arc also makes the smile look youthful. Aged smiles often look flat.


Smooth and contoured incised edges. Teeth often develop with uneven edges with mamelons, chips, wear, or malformations. To achieve the final finished appearance, it is important to adjust and contour the teeth for fit, function, and beauty.  


Embrasures that increase in size from the front to the back. Teeth should not be completely square on the edges like chiclets. There should be a natural and esthetic flow from one edge to another.  The corners of these edges form what we call an embrasure. It is the little triangle space at edges between teeth. Careful planing and shaping of these corners can create beautiful flowing embrasures.


Adequate contacts between all teeth with no black triangles (small spaces at the gumline). Teeth that are lined up side-by-side touch each other at “contact points.” These contact points should be long enough, from top to bottom, to ensure that there is not spaces near the gums. Sometimes teeth need to reshaped in order to establish a really nice contact.